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Our mission in the International Business Academy is to graduate a well-rounded student who will have their choice of colleges and careers.

Business is in everything so no matter what a student decides to do after graduation, our academy is beneficial to them. Our alumni have gone on to have successful careers in business, finance and marketing, but we also have many who are engineers, lawyers and doctors. If it involves money it involves business so learning how to create a budget, read an income statement, write a resume or develop a product and create your own business, gives students the tools they need to be successful no matter what career path they choose. Our business incubator class, INCubatoredu, which is taught in our Entrepreneurship class senior year, walks students through every step of creating and running their own businesses. Students create their own product or service, write a business plan, do marketing research, and then pitch their products or services to investors and can be awarded money to actually start their own business. It is a unique and rewarding experience that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and teaches them skills that will help them be independent successful adults.

IBA - International Business Academy

Sasha Marrier

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9th-12th Grade

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