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About the Newman Smith Band

The Newman Smith High School band is one of the largest organizations on campus and consists of a 200 member marching band, 3 concert bands, percussion ensemble, jazz Band and color guard. The NSHS Band has enjoyed 40 plus years of growth and success in all musical endeavors. Students in the band are also members of many other clubs, organizations and sports teams on and off campus. Being a member of the NSHS band means you will receive a well-rounded education and surround yourself  with others who share a passion for music.

Why Join the Band

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Makes You Smarter - Scientific research has proven that musical training builds intellectual skills, raises IQs, increases spatial-temporal intelligence, improves memory, and develops creativity. As a result, children who play a musical instrument do better on average in school than those who don't.  In a recent study of SAT scores, students with music education scored 53 points higher on verbal and 39 points higher on math.

Teaches Discipline - Music students learn that if they apply themselves, they can master a skill and achieve results they want.  Learning to play a musical instrument teaches self-discipline, the value of persistence, and the rewards of hard work.  Studies have shown that music students are involved in fewer discipline problems, less crime, and less substance abuse than non-musical students.

Increases Self-Esteem - Music is a self-expression.  Performing music in public, individually, and as a member of a group, builds confidence.  Making music means every musician plays a part that is important to the group.

Relieves Stress - Music helps calm the mind.  It's been shown that music students experience less test- and performance-anxiety than students who don't study music.  And according to studies, college-age musicians are emotionally healthier than non-musicians.

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Is Fun & Social - Playing music in a group teaches teamwork, ways of working together, and the joy and rewards of group accomplishment. Band and orchestra members share efforts and experiences, and are often friends for life.

In Addition

Consider this study from a Harris poll showing how more musically inclined kids tend to also go farther in education:

  • 65 % of those with a high school education participated in a music program

  • That figure climbs to 86% for college graduates

  • It reaches nearly 90% for post graduates

  • And if income matters to you, note that 83% of people earning $150,000 or more per year participated in school music programs.

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Trojan Marching Band

The Trojan Marching Band consists of all students enrolled in the band program. Students meet separately during their concert band period during the school day and rehearse together after school. Summer rehearsals begin prior to the start of the fall semester.

The Trojan Marching Band is the most visible part of the NSHS Band Program and is one of the most successful organizations at NSHS. The group performs at all pep-rallies and Trojan varsity football games, as well as competing at UIL Marching Contest, Bands of America Marching Contest, and hosting its own marching festival, the Carrollton Tournament of Champions.

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Concert Groups

All members of the NSHS Band Program are placed into one of three concert groups. Auditions occur each semester. The Wind Symphony consists of the most accomplished musicians in the band program. This award winning group is a perennial UIL Sweepstakes recipient, as well as having been recognized for outstanding performances at numerous music festivals. The Symphonic Band is dedicated to the continued development of quality student musicians in the band program.

This group has also been recognized for superior performance at both UIL and various music festivals. The Concert Band is committed to the improvement and maturation of younger students, both musically and academically. All three concert groups perform several times during the spring including at the pre-UIL and UIL contests, the spring trip festival, and the year-end spring concert.

Color Guard

The award winning NSHS Color Guard is our dance team that performs with the band during our halftime and competition shows. They are the visual effect in the our shows that incorporates dance along with various types of equipment including flags, rifles, sabers, and props. Color guard is open to all non- musicians in the school. Please visit our color guard page for more information about the color guard and auditions.

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Jazz Ensembles

The NSHS Jazz Program consists of two jazz ensembles selected through auditions each May. Students in the jazz ensembles must also be enrolled in one of the three concert groups. The Jazz Program strives to foster an understanding of the jazz idiom and provide quality performance opportunities for its members.

The award winning NSHS Jazz Ensemble I is recognized as one of the most outstanding high school jazz ensembles in the region through superior performances at area jazz competitions. Both Jazz Ensembles perform a fall concert and a spring concert, as well as competing at several area jazz festivals and at a regional or national festival each spring.

Percussion Ensembles

All percussionists are placed into percussion ensemble class. During the fall semester these students perfect their marching routines. During the spring semester, the percussion ensemble presents a percussion concert and performs as part of the three concert bands. In addition, this group participates in various drum line contests during the fall and at UIL solo & ensemble contest in the spring.

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Individual Opportunities

Members of the band program have the opportunity to develop their skills and excel in a variety of ways. In the fall, students may audition for the All-Region Jazz Ensemble and the All-Region Band. Many members advance from All-Region to the Area level and on to the Texas All-State Band which performs in San Antonio in February. In the spring, students perform solos and ensembles for student recitals at NSHS and at UIL competition. Many members of the Trojan Band receive scholarships to continue their music study in college. Numerous members also excel academically and are among the most recognized students at NSHS.

All About the Band

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually offer the finest quality education to our students in all facets of the program and to impart an understanding of the values of self-discipline, hard work, commitment, and teamwork. We encourage our members to always strive for excellence, and to continuously improve themselves in their advancing education in the program. We instill leadership values and offer numerous opportunities for members to advance as leaders in the guard. Along with receiving an artistic education, our students learn the importance of responsibility, goal setting, motivation, and integrity before receiving their diploma. Strong values and educational excellence are the traits that we find essential for members of our program. We are continually blessed with gifted students who excel in various subjects and are academically superior throughout the school. We believe a fine arts education plays an immense role in the academic success of our students. It is truly a team environment where we instill in our students that only collectively will we succeed. Together the members are committed to continually improving their skills.  Many of our members develop lifelong, enduring friendships. It is the thrill of performing and the lasting friendships that truly makes our activity great.