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Welcome to Newman Smith High School!

Where our mission is to graduate all scholars to be college, career, or military ready without remediation. 

The vision of Newman Smith is to be the education leader in the community for high school scholars. Using the expertise of our faculty and staff, we seek to produce graduates who are recognized for their demonstration of high achievement, integrity, loyalty, truthfulness, and honor in every endeavor. 

When a scholar chooses Newman Smith, they are not only getting access to our award-winning fine arts programs, our winning athletic programs, and our culture of high achievement for all scholars, but they also gain access to the CFBISD hub for Business and Industry.  We offer 8 Programs of Study within the Business and Industry umbrella; these programs allow our scholars to specialize in areas of interest which will earn them an endorsement upon graduation and offer them the opportunity to earn industry recognized certifications. Within the 8 Programs of Study, scholars can choose from 19 different strands. The attitude of Trojan P.R.I.D.E.  enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, rigorous, and nurturing environment.

Here at Newman Smith we love the scholar and drive the rigor.


Welcome to Newman Smith

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My time at Newman Smith has been truly phenomenal. All of the staff are very kind and caring, and I have found that if I open up to or ask for help or advice from any teacher, they will go above and beyond to ensure that my needs are met. We have heart! Newman Smith has prepared me for the future while still granting me the ability to enjoy the present, and I will be eternally grateful for the four years that I have spent as a Trojan.

Jacob Von Tress,  student

Hi my name is Betty Martinez and I have been a parent at NS for about 8 years now. My oldest graduated in 2017 and I currently have a freshman and a senior there. I will say that one highlight of having students there is that all three of my kids have been a part of a fine arts program. I think it has allowed them to shine as an individual as well as work with a great group of kids. Smith provides many opportunities for campus involvement whether it is a student leadership organization or a club. I believe the teachers, the staff and the administration provide the tools, the resources, and above all, the motivation to help us shape a well-rounded student both socially and academically.

Betty Martinez, Newman Smith Parent

In my 18 years at Newman Smith High School I can truly say that I have always felt supported by my administration.  Our staff takes pride in our school and works together to instill our four pillars into our students; honesty, pride, integrity, respect and high achievement.   I love how our teachers work together across departments and are willing to jump in and help each other out when needed.  The mutual respect that teachers have for each other and between administration and teachers makes it a wonderful place to work. 

Kathy Holdge, Newman Smith Staff Member

I graduated from Smith in 2009 and when I was able to come back as a staff member ten years later in 2019, I was excited to be back home! The staff, the admin, and the students make Smith what it is. What we do at Smith makes me proud to say I am a Newman Smith Alum and will forever be a Trojan.

Andrea Godwin, Newman Smith Staff Member & Alumni, class of 2009